Discovery: ÊMIA

ÊMIA, real name Anh Le, is an electro pop artist from Brooklyn, New York. Her new track is rich with anger and empathy. It’s called Bet You Left It Out.

By Graeme Smith

Between the layers of electronic instrumentals and pop melodies is an unexplored story of heartache in Bet You Left It Out. It’s a story of a duplicitous man but the focus is on the sense of betrayal the narrator shares with the man’s other woman, his ‘girl back in Raleigh’.

Ahn started performing online at the age of thirteen and quickly drew a big audience. In her sound and song writing, Ahn takes her cues from the likes of Avril Lavigne and Taylor Swift. She has an impressive attention to detail and can pour the right amount of emotion into her stories and delivery. She’s one to look out for on the pop scene.

Check out Bet You Left It Out below.