New Music: Karina – Kenkäkaverukset

Karina is an dream pop act from Finland who I first discovered as an folk duo back in 2019. They’ve journeyed into the futuristic world of hyper pop with the latest remix of their track Kenkäkaverukset.

By Graeme Smith

Hyper pop is a micro-genre that has been growing in prominence over the last few years with proponents like 100 gecs, SOPHIE, Charlie XCX and A.G. Cook leading the way. It’s a genre that people often get put off by its numerous bad examples but ever so often a track comes along that is an undisputed banger. This KEliel remix of Karina’s Kenkäkaverukset is one.

I think what works so well about it is the juxtaposition of Karina’s dreamy, almost classical, composition and bright, charming instrumentals combined with the intensity of the hyper pop elements. They intertwine so, as the track progresses, you never get too much of either. The feeling you’re left with is unadulterated bliss.

Check out Kenkäkaverukset below. Karina’s new album ½ is also out now.