Discovery: Rascal Miles

Rascal Miles is a singer songwriter from Portland, USA. His new track Tailor-Made was written after he received gender-affirming top surgery and he approaches the topic with his tongue firmly in his cheek.

By Graeme Smith

It was the lyrics in Tailor-Made that really gripped me. Rascal’s journey is so clearly described, with visual metaphor aplenty, it felt like I was right there with him. Fair warning, some of the lyrics do get a little graphic but Rascal’s soulful vocals and the accompanying hopeful instrumentals take the edge off. The overall effect is life-affirming and I’m glad he has opened up to the world.

Hugely talented, Rascal played all the instruments on Tailor-Made as well as singing. The track has been released today to coincide with the start of Pride Month and he hopes it will help other “genderqueer kids from small, backwards towns”. Check it out below.