EP Review – Holding Poison: By A Thread

Holding Poison are an English rock band who got together towards the end of 2020 – they have recently released their first EP, By A Thread, which is even more impressive considering how young the band are, and how hard it must have been to create music during the coronavirus pandemic and subsequent lockdowns.

By Jane Howkins

Holding Poison’s music combines together the best elements of grunge, indie, alt rock and modern rock together to make something that sounds great – the songs are melodic, yet also have a heavy feel to them, appealing to fans of a multitude of different genres.

The title track, By A Thread, is the first song that caught my attention on this five track EP. It’s a great introduction to Holding Poison’s music and I really liked the driving rhythm and guitar riffs at play here – there’s a real sense of urgency, which works well with the lyrical content.

Opener Sitting Duck was another close favourite, showcasing a slightly poppier sound to the band. It’s still a rock song, but the guitar melodies and rhythm that run throughout the verses sound really groovy – I reckon this could be a great festival song due to this.

Curbside is the third track on the EP and has a slightly mellower sound to it – the little spidery guitar melodies running through the verse are really interesting, giving the song an almost post-punk feel. The chorus has something of a singalong quality to it, and I really enjoyed the instrumental bridge, giving yet another side to Holding Poison’s sound.

Losing Grip is possibly the poppiest song on the EP, although this is no bad thing. It sounds quite anthemic in parts and has a softer sound to the other tracks on offer here – I felt that the guitar melodies on the intro were really pretty too.

Last track Tick Tock feels a little like a combination of the other tracks here, displaying different sounds and tempo changes throughout the song. It’s a nice closing song and the questioning themes within the lyrics help to round up the rest of the themes on the EP.

The EP was mixed by three times Grammy award winner Marc Urselli, giving the EP a bit of star quality to it. My only slight criticism is that the production quality felt a little raw at times, but this is only a small niggle, and it’s something to be expected with such a new, independent band. Overall, By A Thread is an extremely impressive debut release, and I genuinely can’t wait to see where Holding Poison go next time around, as there is a lot of promise here.

Check out By A Thread on Spotify here.

You can find out more about Holding Poison on their Website, Facebook, Soundcloud, Youtube and Instagram.