Discovery: Matti Charlton

Matti Charlton is a pop artist from Toronto, Canada whose emotional new track Dark Addiction caught my ear.

By Graeme Smith

Dark Addiction is a pop track that’s difficult to pigeon-hole. There’s a retro vibe to its disco beat, an undercurrent of indie pop, and a fresh and unique feel. The vocals courtesy of Michelle Rescigno are lofty and emotive, providing a beating human heart to the track. I’m honestly a little blown away by it.

Transgender and autistic, it’s no surprise that Matti is coming at pop music from a different angle and I think we as listeners are all the better for it. Matti’s music is what pop music should be like, stripped away from trends and concern for record sales and playlisting – just catchy beats and relatable emotion.

Check out Dark Addiction below. I hope it makes you day like it has mine.