Video: Yonder Boys – Il Pesce Spada

Yonder Boys are an international psychadelic folk trio consisting of members from Australia, Chile and The USA who are all now based in Berlin, Germany. If that wasn’t international enough, the title of their new song Il Pesce Spada (‘swordfish’ in English) is Italian. Along with the song, they have released a short film, shot in the Sicilian Castello di Carini.

By Graeme Smith

The film has a way of really drawing you in. Starting quiet, you see the boys going about a low-tech wake up routine. There are snippets of chanting, a teaser for what is to come, but the music performance doesn’t start until after two minutes into the video.

It’s worth the wait. The trio sing a cappella in unison in a hypnotic style before the strings come in – acoustic guitar, banjo and mandolin. The instruments work well together and feel like a parallel to the musicians themselves – bringing together influences from across the world.

Il Pesca Spade is really something quite special. I highly encourage you to put ten minutes aside to enjoy the film in its entirety. Check it out below.