Discovery: Natasha Ghosh

Natasha Ghosh is a Netherlands-based alternative pop artist whose dreamy lo-fi new ballad I’m Sorry caught my attention.

By Graeme Smith

In I’m Sorry, Natasha’s delicate and soulful vocals are the star of the show. The instrumentation is kept to a minimum, with traces of bass, drums that come and go and a backdrop of strings. The result is a sense of vulnerability. Natasha is opening her heart and, by doing so, grabs a hold of the listener’s. For the track, she teamed up with South Korean producer Ahao, making the song a truly international affair.

This is Natasha’s first year of putting out music but she’s clearly got a knack for it. She’s been garnering a lot of attention in the blogosphere and you can now count me among her fans.

Check out I’m Sorry below. If you like your music stripped-back then check out our Raw Stuff playlist on Spotify.