Discovery: Saint Idiot

Saint Idiot, real name Tomáš Andel, is a Slovak-Canadian electronic musician from Edmonton whose dreamy and experimental new track Talk caught my ear.

By Graeme Smith

I was struck by the richness of Talk. The arrangement is not straightforward, but never feels over-engineered. There is a soundscape about it that simply envelopes you. It’s helped by Tomáš’s choirboy vocals which will sooth your soul while its open-hearted lyrics will put you at ease.

There is definitely a touch of Björk to Talk in its use of texture and unexpected deviations in the melody. The track is taken from Sain’t Idiot’s album Alternate Utopias from a Nostalgic Future, available now from all the usual places.

Check out the single below. If you like your music unconventional, have a listen to our Decomposition playlist on Spotify.