EP Review: Medusa – S. O. B. Story

S. O. B. Story is the explosive new EP from New York-based experimental electronic pop artist Medusa.

By Graeme Smith

The EP is only three tracks and just over ten minutes long but Medusa packs a lot into it. It opens with Piggyback, a lively hyperpop track with razor sharp lyrics which rails against “rainbow capitalism” a trend by corporations to embrace queerness in order to boost sales. To get the point across Medusa joins forces with rapper Way2wavybaby.

Track two King of Prom Queens slows things down but doesn’t pull back from the experimental sound. The electronic beats come close to saturation but leave enough space for the storytelling lyrics. By halfway through the track it becomes clear that Medusa is out for some payback with this EP and happy to leave some scorched earth behind.

The final track of the EP is When TERFS Cry – a call out of anti-trans activists (TERF stands for trans-exclusionary radical feminists). As a non-binary person, Medusa clearly has some experience in this area and they call out some of the most prominent examples in the lyrics – athletics and reactionary news stories among others.

It’s Medusa’s queerness that inspired the name of the EP too. As they put it: “When you’re queer, everybody wants your sob story… but what if you’re not sad?” Medusa has flipped the script by making this EP not a cry for sympathy but a big f*ck you to prejudice in all its forms. This carefree approach has really let Medusa push the envelope, both musically and lyrically and the result is a breath of fresh air. It’s playing well on platforms on Tik Tok and Spotify too where Medusa has been amassing followers and streams.

Some of the more experimental pop genres that have come to the fore of late can feel a little off-putting to those who prefer their music a little more traditional, but great examples like S. O. B. Story are a good place to start for the reticent. With well-observed lyrics, there’s a reward there for those willing to embrace the rambunctious instrumentals and vocal effects. The result is something that makes you think and makes you dance – what more could you want?

Check out S. O. B. Story below.