EP Review: Elle Bizarro – No Go

No Go is the new EP from alternative rock performer Elle Bizarro (real name Lily Daisy) and it draws from inspirations from the likes of Syd Barrett, Vic Chesnutt and PJ Harvey.

By Graeme Smith

From the outset, it’s clear that Lily has a tale to weave in No Go. Opening track At The Exhibition tells the story of a blossoming love among paintings, sculptures and statues. It has a laidback tempo and slightly psychedelic feel to it. Lily’s vocals are delicate and understated, occasionally straying into spoken word. It’s sultry with an undercurrent of sexual energy that threatens to explode at any moment.

Track two Delta Mons has a similar tempo, musical structure and vibe to it but with quite a different story. It vividly tells the tale of a monk longing for his wife while clinging to his faith. The fuzzy electric guitar chords are ever present, played over simple percussion to allow the vocals and lyrics room to breath.

Show Us Your Deities draws from a similar historical universe, narrating the story of early Christians and how they absorbed pagan imagery in their religion. Musically, things are darker and more expansive but remain simple. By this point it becomes clear that Lily isn’t trying to be fancy in her musical arrangements, focussing instead of delivery and storytelling, and it works for her.

The EP’s final original is Not Anymore which brings things back to the contemporary. It’s a reflection on being taken for granted and failing to be in touch with your own feelings and desires. It feels confessional, and a little angry – yet there is a touch of irony running through the lyrics. To close the EP Lily provides her own rendition of The Magnetic Fields’ (I Want To Join A) Biker Gang. It’s delivered in her now familiar style and the wistfulness in her voice feels authentic.

As with her previous EP UbermadchenNo Go was recorded and produced by Lily at home alone and it certainly has a DIY feel to it. I think it works for her and her music fits in nicely with her musical heroes. Lily is an artist who has found her voice and doesn’t take herself too seriously – a perfect recipe for someone who will definitely find an audience.

Check out No Go below.