Discovery: Suicide For A King

Suicide For A King are a Canadian post hardcore band who have just released their new EP Corrupted Vision. The focus track is called Timelapse and it’s a bit of a doozy.

By Graeme Smith

As you’d expect from a post hardcore track, Timelapse is full of lonely echoes, big percussion and guitar riffs that will envelope you. Suicide For A King make the sound their own though – huge and melodic with passionate, edgy vocals. It’s a hard genre to get right, but when a band like this does, it’s something wonderful to behold.

Formed by Frederik De Celles in 2016 and fronted by Jay Rodriguez, the band have been releasing a steady stream of music and performing alongside some big names in the scene. The EP Corrupted Vision is out today in all the usual places and you can hear Timelapse below.