Discovery: The Wonderful Nobodies

The Wonderful Nobodies are an Americana trio from the heart of Appalachia, USA. Though well-known in their nation and scene, their new track More is my first introduction to their wonderful sound.

By Graeme Smith

The track is a bright and breezy one, with lively mandolin and driving bass. Lacy Green’s vocals are utterly compelling and I found myself in love with the first sung note. I think what makes More so compelling is its human feel. A meditation on apathy and ambition, it struck a familiar chord.

The Wonderful Nobodies released their debut album A/B last year after building up a presence through live shows which included stops off at the Grand Old Oprey and Carnegie Hall. If you love country, you’ll love them and even if you don’t think you like country, they may well convert you.

Check out More below.