Video: Anna Thompson – Hot Now

Anna Thompson is a Seattle, USA-based electro pop artist who brings a fresh perspective to her genre through her clever new track Hot Now.

By Graeme Smith

Hot Now tells the story of growing up ostracised only to find yourself popular later in life. It’s a simple premise, but its written and delivered in a memorable way and the track’s catchy chorus will have you singing it all day (and practicing your vocoder voice).

Anna got her big break at sixteen-years-old, winning a talent competition and securing a record deal. When it didn’t all work out, she didn’t give up and now releases her music independently. Since then she’s amassed a huge fanbase across social media and has gone viral on Tik Tok. It seems the young Anna was overlooked in more ways than one.

I feel that’s definitely all about to change and I hope you agree. Check out the video for Hot Now below.