Discovery: Xela

Xela (pronounced Zah-la) is a contemporary R&B artist based in Sydney, Australia whose refreshing anti-love song No Love caught my attention.

By Graeme Smith

No Love‘s message is simple: you can be the boss and be complete without a lover. As such, it stands out from all the heartbreak songs that seem to be en vogue right now. Xela delivers the message strongly through soulful vocals and groovy, layered instrumentals, including a delightfully classic electric guitar solo as the track reaches its climax.

Born and raised in New Zealand, Xela emigrated to Sydney where she writes music that challenges conventional ways of thinking, not just when it comes to love. Her influences come from a diverse range of artists including Lady Gaga, Rhye and Radiohead.

You can check out No Love below. If you like your music just right, be sure to follow our Goldilocks playlist on Spotify too.