Video: Suzie Ungerleider – Ships

Suzie Ungerleider is a Canadian country singer songwriter who I first discovered back in April of this year. At the time I was impressed with her ability to tell a story through music and that continues with her new track and video Ships.

By Graeme Smith

Ships is rich with a sense of sadness. Suzie’s vocal delivery is strong but sensitive, as she addresses someone who has been hurt. It’s about grief but more specifically about the journey of moving past it. As such, as the track progresses, hopeful notes creep in and the climax is cathartic.

The video features Suzie and her dog on the beach and shot in super 8, giving a home video feel. The ships in the background are awash in blue and a constant reminder of the track’s extended metaphor. It all works together perfectly.

The track is the closer for Suzie’s 10th studio album My Name Is Suzie Ungerleider, a title that reflects her struggle to reclaim her real name as a musician (she previously performed as Oh Susanna). You can check out the album here, and the video for Ships below.