Discovery: Chris Lyon Band

American country band Chris Lyon Band have just released their first single produced by London’s Animal Farm Records, and it’s a doozy. It’s called Never Goin’ Back To Michigan.

By Graeme Smith

Though firmly rooted in country, there is a touch of the experimental in how Never Goin’ Back To Michigan is constructed. Over traditional instruments are layered subtle sci-fi-esque electronica. Yet, it’s the lyrics that really caught my attention. Full of narrative and a sense of place they invoke the lonesome American Midwest and a sense of being on the road.

Hailing from Johnson, Vermont, Chris Lyon and his band perform songs that explore the low and high points of life, and they do so with honesty and attention to detail. Never Goin’ Back To Michigan is a wonderful introduction to their sound and a strong start to their partnership with Animal Farm Records.

You can hear Never Goin’ Back To Michigan below.