Discovery: Roos Meijer

Roos Meijer is an acoustic singer songwriter from The Hague in The Netherlands. Her new single, taken from her album Why Don’t We Give It A Try?, is called To Be Free.

By Graeme Smith

Feature Photo by Philine van den Hul

Roos’s album was inspired by conversations with “changemakers” or those committed to social topics like climate change, anti-racism and human rights. To Be Free focusses on refuge, and was inspired by a conversation with Alaeddin Janid of Child Houses, an organisation dedicated to giving Syrian orphans a stable home.

So, of course, the subject matter is heavy but Roos brings it to life with captivating vocals accompanied by delicate guitar. It’s a beautiful song that invites us to pause and put ourselves for a few minutes in the shoes of someone else without preaching.

You can listen to To Be Free below. The album Why Don’t We Give It A Try? is set for release in November this year.

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