New Music: Mia Mormino – Building Blocks

The range of topics covered in American pop singer songwriter Mia Mormino’s works is simply astonishing. When she’s not exploring the fragility of self-image, she’s telling a rousing tale of robbery. Or, as is the case with her newest track Building Blocks, reflecting on the visceral nature of death.

By Graeme Smith

Building Blocks tells the story of a decomposing body. Haunting, but beautiful in its own way, the tale focusses on the naturalness of the process in an attempt to destigmatise it. Yet, there’s another meaning to the track. It’s a reflection on the effects of depression. It’s really cleverly done and Mia’s skills as a song writer is once again assured.

The track is taken from her sequence of releases themed on the seven deadly sins. Building Blocks represents sloth and you can hear it below.