Discovery: Coupdekat

Coupdekat, real name Katherine Reilly is a British hyperpop artist who takes the trials and tribulations of dating to a whole new level in her new track Lost In Translation.

By Graeme Smith

The story of Lost In Translation is one of a British girl trying to date a French guy. There’s so much detail packed into its two and half minutes, it feels like the story must be based on experience. Kat speaks of using Google Translate, struggling with abbreviations, Brexit and more.

Born and raised near London, Kat started writing music at a young age inspired by the likes of Blondie, The Slits and Mazzy Star. It’s fair to say she’s taken the attitude of ’80s female indie music and brought it right up to date with her sound. When I heard Lost In Translation, I knew I had to share it. You can check it out below.