Album Review: Breezy Love – Have You Noticed?

Breezy Love is an American singer songwriter who I first featured on the blog in July this year through her vaudevillian track Don’t Think Too Much. The track is the opener to her debut album Have You Noticed? which promises more offbeat and authentic stories.

By Graeme Smith

Don’t Think Too Much offers an explosive intro to Breezy Love’s world. It’s a world that reflects many of the cultural touchpoints of the modern world and Breezy approaches each topic with thoughtfulness. She has a unique view point and the way with words needed to express it.

Track two She Knew My Sister expands the world. A wonderful vignette of a song, it speaks to the hedonism and shallowness of youth, supported by its high-energy rock instrumentals. Breezy then slows things down with the heart-breaking acoustic meditation Words of the Wise.

One thing that Breezy does well in this debut is experiment with genres. You never know what’s going to come next. In this case it’s lively country pop in the form of track four The House I’m Living In. It’s a song that speaks of body positivity and self-acceptance and is suitably upbeat.

Lost Diamond Earring is a ballad that explores a broken relationship through metaphor. As the track progresses, the energy ramps up creating musical-style drama. Then, the first half of the album ends with Am I Doing This For Me. It returns to the classic feel of Don’t Think Too Much while exploring the very modern phenomenon of social media.

The album in Breezy’s words

The album’s second half kicks off with Road Like That – an acoustic folk number whose depth and authenticity nicely juxtaposes with the shallowness explored in the previous track. It’s followed by The Other Side, a jazzy exploration on the topic of racism, and the limits of our own experience.

Rising returns to introspective folk while Party Guests brings back the rock. The latter is a late-album highlight. Somebody’s Daughter is a slow-burning, powerful ballad about objectification of women and then, just like that, we’ve reached the album’s closer Circus. It’s the perfect way to end this diverse album.

Breezy Love is currently twenty years old but has an approach to song writing that belies her age. She’s already won multiple competitions and awards leading up to this debut and one suspects that there are plenty more to come based on this evidence. Don’t sleep on her. Check out Have You Noticed? below.