Video: Arden Jones – Either Way

Either Way is the latest release from American rap rocker Arden Jones and it’s the optimistic shot in the arm I think we all need as the long nights draw in.

By Graeme Smith

Feature Photo by SJ Spreng

Either Way exhibits a lot of the trademarks of modern alternative hip hop but what sets it apart is just how darn catchy and uplifting it is. For three minutes, I put the troubles of the world aside and let Arden’s optimism flow through me and I feel much better for it.

Signed to VNCLM_ and Atlantic Records, Arden is an artist going viral right now. He’s already accrued over two million views on TikTok and has the right kind of sound to make it big in the world of modern pop. Don’t be surprised if this guy is a superstar in a few year.

You can check out the video for Either Way below.