Discovery: Belzifer

Belzifer is a French composer who brings together elements of trip hop and neoclassical to create something that is the best of both worlds. In his latest track, he’s teamed up with Japanese singer Emi Evans. It’s called Silent Forever.

By Graeme Smith

Silent Forever is a delicate, reflective track. The composition slowly builds while Emi’s angelic yet haunting vocals tell its poetic tale. Recorded live with an orchestra in Paris, there’s a rich, enveloping feel to the music. For almost seven minutes, it will capture you, and you will feel empathy for those it is dedicated to: anyone who has ever been rejected for being different.

If you think you recognise Emi’s voice, it might be that you have heard it before on the soundtrack to video games Dark Souls and NieR:Automata.

You can hear Silent Forever below.