Discovery: Jewel Owusu

Jewel Owusu is an indie pop singer songwriter based in Perth, Australia. Born in Hong Kong of Pilipino and Ghanaian descent, Jewel grew up in New Zealand. Her international background gives her a fresh take on music and her new track Mixed Signals is a heartbreak song like no other.

By Graeme Smith

Feature Photo by Jarrad Levy

The track is a collaboration with Jarrod Jeremiah, and their vocals work well together in a fresh back and forth between lovers that are sick of each other. The instrumentals are fun and funky and have breezy feel that cuts through the frustration of the lyrics.

Her live shows have proved to be a hit in Western Australia and Jewel has plenty more on the way for the rest of us. She’s definitely one to get on board with. You can check out Mixed Signals below.

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