Discovery: Stella Mar

Stella Mar is a pop singer songwriter based in Seattle, USA. In her latest mini-EP The Way and Mean To You, she settles some scores with past, unrequited love.

By Graeme Smith

Stella has a wonderful way with words and she paints a picture of her scorned lover perfectly in The Way. All the while, the electronic instrumentals provide a touch of drama in their heavy groove. Stella was once told that she’d never make it as a singer with her vocal quality, but, boy, is she proving the critics wrong with this one!

Mean To You builds on the story, with a prominent sense of anger, directed at herself as much as the ex-lover. The catharsis clearly comes over through Stella’s expressive vocals and the track’s funky instrumentals.

The Way and Mean To You are the follow ups to her debut album White Noise that was released earlier this year. You can check out the mini-EP below.