Discovery: Tien Ton Vuist

Hailing from Oudenaarde, Belgium, Tien Ton Vuist (Dutch for “Ten Ton Fist”) are a rock trio who certainly pack a punch. Their latest is called Tickets.

By Graeme Smith

Drawing from garage rock and punk, Tickets is a rumbling, growling piece of rock and roll. It’s all killer and no filler but its standout moment is certainly its catchy chorus. It will have you singing along, while surprising you with unexpected synth.

Tien Ton Vuist are Tijl, Stijn and Nikki. Tijl and Nikki are childhood friends who later recruited Stijn into the band as drummer. Completely DIY, their music is recorded in a home studio on a strict budget, yet they still make out sound festival ready. I’m very impressed with their sound and I hope you are too. You can check out Tickets below.

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