Discovery: Kit Gordon

Kit Gordon is a UK hip hop artist based in London. His new double-A side Lace/Flat 13 was entirely produced and recorded in his garden shed, creating a sound that feels utterly unique.

By Graeme Smith

Feature Photo by George Juchau

Lace is characterised by its stark minimalism. Made up of vocal textures, percussion and snippets of other instrumentals, it creates a surprising groove from so little. Though definitively hip hop, there are elements of indie rock and folk in there too. It’s such a fascinating mix of styles.

Flat 13 keeps the experimentation going, starting with a mix of ambient sounds and acoustic guitar. Chanting vocals give way to an explosive second half which introduces RnB still percussion and bass.

They’re an exciting couple of tracks from an artist who I’ll be following with keen interest from now on. You can check out Lace and Flat 13 below.

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