Discovery: Robert Kuhn

Robert Kuhn is an folk rock singer songwriter hailing from Galveston, Texas, USA who is a poet as much as he is a musician. His latest track, taken from his forthcoming album Persevere, is called Screen Savior.

By Graeme Smith

Feature Photo by Samantha Wiley

Screen Savior is a slow and steady kind of track. Rhythm guitar and percussion set the pace while Robert’s expressive vocals tell their tale. Intended as a beacon of light in this dark, modern world, it certainly achieves it. Screen Savior is a track that illuminates and uplifts.

Persevere is Robert’s third studio album, following his 2014 debut Everybody Knows and its follow up Maria The Gun from 2017. Robert and his band have toured extensively across North America. Outside of music, Robert has lived quite a life, with near death experiences and multiple languages learned. It all adds up to music that feels rich with life.

You can check out Screen Savior below.

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