EP Review: Jensyn – I Wanna Be There

I Wanna Be There is the second EP from Birmingham-based experimental electronic artist Jensyn, real name Jennifer Morgan. Drawing inspiration from dreams of escaping isolation and daily struggles through use of media, it centres on the conflict between fantasy and reality across its four tracks.

By Graeme Smith

The story starts with the EP’s title track. Bright, delicate, twinkling electronic sounds set the scene while synths and keys pulse. Jen’s dreamy vocals float in, full of wistful desire. Punctuated by periods of vocalisation, the story is simple but powerful and summed up nicely by the line: “I wanna be there, within the four borders of my screen.”

Jensyn draws influences from cinematic artists like Bon Iver, as well as her mother’s love for soft rock artists like CSNY, The Eagles and Joni Mitchell. It all combines into something that feel unique, perhaps best exemplified by track two, the instrumental The Perfect Escape. Gentle plucked strings combines with ambient electronic sounds. The result is something that will sweep you away with it, glad to leave the world behind if only for a moment.

It moves organically into track three Not Quite Right which both continues the story but takes it in a different direction. Among the ethereal vocalisations, a solid melody grounds everything, and its lively complexity suggests turbulence, which turns to low-key panic as the track hits its second half.

The story ends with Breaking The Static. At over seven minutes long, it’s a piece that takes you on a journey. It opens with piano and brass, epic and ecclesiastical, I was reminded a little of the overture of The Who’s Tommy, all the more when electric guitar introduces touches of rock. From there, the track is rise and fall, with pumping bass climaxes contrasted by periods of solo piano.

Jensyn really is an incredible talent, and I’m not the only one who thinks so. She received a nomination for the UK Music’s Outstanding Graduate Award for this project and it’s well deserved. You can check out I Wanna Be There below.