Discovery: Peri Rae

Peri Rae is a London-based folk singer songwriter. A bisexual woman, she’s had the misfortune of experiencing homophobia first-hand, but she’s biting back with her new track In Between.

By Graeme Smith

Full of the authentic storytelling that only comes with lived experience, In Between pulls us into Peri’s world. Through a delicate acoustic arrangement and distinct vocals, she imagines a conversation with someone who’s ignorant, touching on all the clichés that she has to endure because of her sexuality.

Fiercely independent, the track was created by Peri alongside co-writer and producer Jessica Sharman. Though it’s only her second release, she’s already been picked up by BBC Introducing and her debut Fair Enough was featured on Spotify’s New Music Friday. There certainly feels like there’s more to come from Peri. You can check out In Between below.