Discovery: SonOfOld

SonOfOld is the alterative rock project of South African singer songwriter Nic Olsen, former frontman of the band Perez. His new track, channelling soft rock and rock pop sensibilities, is called Throw Me A Line.

By Graeme Smith

The track opens in an anthemic way, with big percussion and ’90s style guitar riffs. There are echoes of the likes of Placebo in SonOfOld’s sound. What I found most captivating was the track’s catchy chorus, with memorable lyrics. “The tragedy is that the reality is worse than your conspiracy,” Nic sings. How poignant into today’s paranoid world!

Nic has been releasing music as SonOfOld since 2008 and the years of experience show in his music. He certainly knows how to write them. You can listen to Throw Me A Line below.