Discovery: SickWalt

SickWalt, real name Walt Novak, is an alternative rock act based in New York, USA whose new track Oh Weh Ha! is an exploration on the themes of gratitude and celebration.

By Graeme Smith

Album Cover Artwork by Ray Parada

As you’d expect, it’s a lively and upbeat track, blending classic hard rock with psychedelic elements. A delicate intro gives way to hard-hitting guitar riffs and powerful vocals. It’s so deeply enveloping and the message could not be more positive. It’s a great one to shake your stress away to.

The track is taken from Walt’s forthcoming EP Maxxed which is set for release 27 March, a record pulled together in 2020 during the height of the pandemic with SickWalt’s co-creator Max Capshaw. You can listen to Oh Weh Ha! below.

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