Discovery: Tessa Balaz

Hailing from Sudbury, Canada, Tessa Balaz is an actor, cellist and singer songwriter. Her latest single, called Wisemen, draws inspiration from the Bible to explore her religious upbringing and her difficulties living as her authentic self.

By Graeme Smith

Wisemen is a beautifully-realised piece of music. Opening with an acoustic guitar melody, Tessa’s characterful vocals float in before an utterly arresting chorus hits you. It talks of being kept down, something as a black, queer woman Tessa knows something about.

Outside of performing her own music, Tessa is an actor in musical theatre in Sudbury, and has been involved in the production of music for artists such as Drake, The Weeknd and Mariah Carey.

Truly a great talent, Tessa is one to keep an eye on. You can listen to Wisemen below.