Discovery: Couvo

Couvo, real name Josh Couvares, is a New York, USA-based indie rock artist. Drawing inspiration from Bruce Springsteen, The 1975, and a local dive bar, he’s created his latest belter. It’s called Horses & Divorces.

By Graeme Smith

The track is named after a bar and in it Josh has tried to re-create the feeling of a rowdy party. It works, Horses & Divorces has that kind of free-spirited feel to it that’s often missing in modern music. Add to that its storytelling lyrics that strike to the heart of humanity and you’ve got a possible classic on your hands.

Josh’s message in his music is that we shouldn’t all be waiting for tomorrow to come. We should be embracing the things we want to do today. It’s hard to argue with it. If you feel like seizing the day, then check out Horses & Divorces below.

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