Discovery: Tone of Voice Orchestra

Tone of Voice Orchestra are a Danish Americana band who have enraptured me with their new, relatable story of the end of a relationship. It’s called You Saw Yourself Out.

By Graeme Smith

The lyrics of You Saw Yourself Out don’t beat around the bush. Infused with the senseless plaudits of a man who has decided to end things, it is quickly revealed they are lies he is telling himself. However, when he comes back, the woman he left behind wants nothing to do with him. The story is enriched by vocal harmonies and traditional instruments including hurdy-gurdy, cittern and violin. There’s even a little sax thrown in for good measure.

A ten-piece, Tone of Voice Orchestra have a richness of sound that really sets them apart. I’ll be keeping a close eye on them.

You can check out You Saw Yourself Out below.