Discovery: Bonze

Bonze is a London-based electronic pop artist whose innovative new track Self caught my ear.

By Graeme Smith

Feature Photo by Zac Mahrouche

Self is a lush electronic soundscape, with layers of percussion, bass and synths building to something rich and inviting. It’s a world you can easily get lost in from the first few bars, and what keeps you there are the soulful vocals. They deliver a message of rejecting instant gratification, and finding inner joy.

Bonze’s musical influences include The Chemical Brothers, Jai Paul and New Order, but the message of the track was inspired by an ayahuasca trip in the rainforest, where he was able to process his suffering. In that sense, the audience of Self’s lyrical message is as much the artist as the listener, but the advice is universal. We can all stand in our own way sometimes.

You can take a listen to Self below.

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