New Music: Luna Keller – Wanderer

Luna Keller is a Cologne, Germany-based artist whose career I’ve been following closely since Jane first discovered her for the blog back in 2020. She never fails to impress with her brand of indie folk. Her latest is no exception. It’s called Wanderer.

By Graeme Smith

Wanderer is a lively track, with an arrangement that invokes the concept of travel, trundling along with acoustic guitar and piano. Recorded at Luna’s father’s home studio, there is a sense of intimacy about it, as if Luna is taking us by the hand and bringing us on her journey with her. In her case, that journey was from Spain to Germany, relocating between the two countries last year. There’s a genuine sense of nostalgia and hope for the future in her words.

The track is the final release from her forthcoming album Prophecies and Silver Linings which is set for release on 14 April. You can listen to Wanderer below.

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