New Music: Sunflower Summit – To Love Myself

Sunflower Summit is an acoustic folk singer songwriter based in Chicago, USA who I first discovered in the Autumn of last year. I was instantly drawn in by her way with words, infusing her track Become Undone with a sense of physical place and the sensation of exploration. Now she’s back with a new one. It’s called To Love Myself.

By Graeme Smith

To Love Myself is an introspective track. In it, Sunflower Summit explores the anger and frustration that comes from realising your haven’t been your own best friend. Through the track, the anger is transformed to a light and airy acceptance, with knowledge of what needs to come next. The story is wonderfully told and the emotion comes through strong in the piano melody and the expressive vocals.

It’s another beautiful moment from an artist who I’ll be keeping an eye on. You can check out the lyric video for To Love Myself below.