Discovery: Stephen G. Clayton

Stephen G. Clayton is an indie folk singer songwriter based in Exeter who has just caught my attention through his new double-A side. Speaking of finding strength in the face of violence, they’re called Punchline and My Accident.

By Graeme Smith

Punchline opens with a stripped-back and catchy electric guitar and piano melody which slowly builds in drama alongside the story of the lyrics. Delicately delivered, the vocals speak of living with trauma and repression through lies. It’s emotive stuff that has you feeling along, right up to its cathartic climax.

My Accident elaborates with looping guitar and a sense of franticness. The vocal delivery becomes almost spoken word while the lyrics are poetic and infused with imagery. The layered instrumentals are rich with atmosphere, introducing soft rock elements alongside a bed of folk.

The two tracks act as a powerful introduction to Stephen’s sound and world. He’s certainly one to keep an eye on. You can check out the double-A side below.

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