New Music: Groan Room – Tesco Roof

Groan Room are a Manchester-based alternative rock act who first hit my radar through storytelling track Greasy Thumbs. Now they’re back with another tale to spin. This one is called Tesco Roof.

By Graeme Smith

Tesco Roof is a slow piece of soft rock melancholia. It’s nostalgic, but not in a rose-tinted way. Rather, it’s looking back at awkward years where you struggle to fit in and find your place. A slow verse gives way to an instrumental interlude that features bright guitar, reminding us that’s it’s not all bad.

Last time I reviewed Groan Room, I compared them to early Modest Mouse but here they take things in a slow-core direction and it’s nice to hear the band trying different styles without losing the essence of what they are. I’m excited to hear what their next one will be like.

In the meantime, you can check out Tesco Roof below.

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