EP Review: Isolated Corners – Sleeper

Isolated Corners, real name Edward Tucker, is an alternative rock act from Exeter who first hit my radar earlier this month through his track and video I Know Something That I Shouldn’t. He’s now released the EP from which the track is taken so I was keen to check out some more of his music. It’s called Sleeper.

By Graeme Smith

The EP opens in an unexpectedly acoustic style. A gentle guitar rhythm sets the scene while the rest of the arrangement of Double Negative ramps up. When the first verse hits, the track hits its jangly stride, with Edward’s mournful vocals taking centre stage. Then things take a surprise turn into math rock and I knew this was going to be a collection of tracks that would keep me guessing what was to come next.

What’s next is Cornerstone, a dirty piece of post-punk with grungy bass and staccato vocals that are almost spoken word. The chorus is lofty and accessible, with a melody that will stick with you. All the while the riffs stay big with hints of industrial.

Then it’s Flatline. It opens with a pulsing drum and bass combo. The vocals are melancholic, with a undertone of anger. There is a build up to a soaring moment of vocal harmonies that is reminiscent of classic prog rock.

Track four is the aforementioned I Know Something That I Shouldn’t, right at home among the other tracks on this EP yet still managing to be a stand out. Its complex, layered and looping guitar arrangement is positively addictive.

I See That Side Of Me is an experimental, machine-gun-rhythmed piece of hard rock, interspersed with long, mellow choruses. Then it’s time for EP closer Spin. Edward puts aside the hard rock energy we’ve heard so far for something a little more atmospheric, channelling influences from Radiohead. It’s a wonderful palate cleanser to end things with.

Fans of Queens of The Stone Age, Idles, Black Midi or Black Country, New Road will find a lot to love from Isolated Corner’s sound. In this EP, he’s managed to stay true to the ethos of post-punk while creating something that will also delight the more melody-conscious listener. Sleeper is a fantastic collection and a must-listen for fans of modern, subversive rock. You can check it out below.