EP Review: Maejis Mind – At Water

Maejis Mind, real name James Beasley, is a Los Angeles, USA-based singer songwriter who has taken his music in a slightly new direction for his second EP At Water. Until now, his release has been on psychedelic jams but in this new EP, he’s decided to infuse his sound with elements of pop and R&B. Here’s my track by track rundown.

By Graeme Smith

The three tracks of At Water are tied together through the theme of memory, specifically how our minds can switch between different memories within a moment. Each part represents a different moment from the past, opening with the echoing strummed guitar of Watch The Rain. Steady bass comes in, along with percussion creating a jazzy groove, before distorted by soulful vocals complete the thought. It’s a warm, relaxing start that sets the mood for what is to come.

Track two is There Was A Time, which blends seamlessly with Watch The Rain. It extends the thought, while taking the instrumentals in a rockier direction. Starting with a drawn out organ note, psychedelic chords play among waves of synths. They combine to form a dreamscape, perfectly capturing the feeling of being lost in nostalgia. James’s vocals are mellow, holding a hint of sadness. As the track progresses, so does the experimentation. It’s so delicately and deliberately put together – a definite EP highlight.

The EP closes with Face On The Water/Empty Room, a two-part odyssey that starts simply with folky acoustic guitar. By that point in the EP, though, I knew there would be a lot of twists and turns in store for me before the track reached its end and I was right. First come the synths. The guitar playing becomes harder, stronger, reflecting an increase in confidence before suddenly wrapping up. A short interlude introduces the track’s second part, a vignette that combines R&B guitar with ambient sounds. The only shame is that it had to end. I could listen to it for hours.

At Water is a brave and accomplished collection from an artist who I’ve only just discovered but am looking forward to hearing more from. You can check out the whole EP below.