New Music: Sofia Dragt – Temporary Gold

Sofhia Dragt is a Utrecht, Netherlands-based folk pop singer songwriter who Jane first discovered for the blog last summer through her EP lslands. She was so captivated by Sofia’s music, she even followed up the review with an interview. Now she’s back on the blog with an emotive new track. It’s called Temporary Gold.

By Graeme Smith

Feature Photo by Melissa Scharroo

Temporary Gold was inspired by Sofia’s time in Ísafjörður, Iceland where she spent a month as Artist in Residence. In her lyrics, she brings the place to life through imagery and her emotional response to her surroundings. It’s a track that beautifully written and has a lot of heart, and is perfectly rounded off by its delicate electro-acoustic instrumentals.

Thanks to Temporary Gold, I can see why Jane was so enraptured with Sofia’s music. You can check out the single below.

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