Discovery: Emmi Maaria

Emmi Maaria is a Finnish, London-based alternative pop artist who has caught my attention through her striking debut single. The first part of a three-part story, it’s called I Move Deeper Wading Into The Waters.

By Graeme Smith

Feature Photos by Linda Stark and Heta Nykänen

The piece was inspired by the Finnish epic poem collection, Kalevala, and as such it has a suitably poetic feel. Emmi brings a heart-breaking moment in the poem to life through her lyrics, which are beautifully delivered through crystalline vocals. The instrumentals are wonderfully dramatic, coming classical and modern elements to create something that feels timeless.

I Move Deeper Wading Into The Waters truly is a captivating debut from an artist who is new to the scene but already feels fully accomplished. I can’t wait for parts two and three of the story. I hope you’ll agree. You can check out the piece below.

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