Discovery: Louis Brennan

Louis Brennan is a country singer songwriter who hails from Dublin, Ireland but is now based in London. For his latest single he’s teamed up with Michele Stodart of the Magic Numbers to create a Kenny and Dolly-style ballad. It’s called A Full House.

By Graeme Smith

You’re hit instantly by the country atmosphere in A Full House but what really stood out for me is its frank and heart-rendering lyrics. The song describes the feeling of a relationship not being what you thought it would turn out to be. Louis’s words are tinted with anger and frustration at the thought that his partner’s love might be conditional.

Yet, when Michele gets her chance to retort in her verse, we see a whole different side of the story. It’s a beautifully realised example of how so much conflict comes from a refusal to communicate.

You can give A Full House a listen below.