Discovery: Kirstie Fleur

Hailing from Nashville, USA, Kirstie Fleur is a R&B and soul artist who has just released her new anthemic track exploring her experiences of racial turmoil and religion’s role in it. It’s called Reform.

By Graeme Smith

Though delivered against through an accessible pop arrangement, Reform is a hard-hitting track. Kirstie’s vocals are strong, expressive and full of purpose. The first verse is delivered against a backdrop of acoustic guitar, giving them space to shine through. When the chorus hits, the rest of the instrumentals come in, creating a fist-raising moment of classic soul.

Kirstie’s sound is reflective of her eclectic taste, drawing from gospel, Americana, and jazz, as well as the aforementioned soul and R&B. The result is something that doesn’t sit neatly into any of those genres, but stands alone.

You can give Reform a listen below.

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