New Music: Ask Carol – Quiet One

Ask Carol are a Norwegian art rock duo who I had the pleasure of interviewing for our podcast back in 2020. When I saw they had a new track out, I simply had to give it a listen. It’s called Quiet One.

By Graeme Smith

Feature photo by Ask Carol

Quiet One takes on the weighty topic of feeling like an outsider, never fully understood. As such, it’s suitably melancholic, with a mellow, haunting guitar melody and pensive vocals. Classic rock sensibilities meld with modern sad pop a la Lana Del Rey. A big, cathartic chorus leaves any apprehension behind, and Carol’s vocals go full tilt.

Named for the band’s two members, Ask and Carol split their time between Oslo and remote, rural Norway where they can often be found playing concerts for cows on their Instagram. They’re a great act with a wonderful ear for composition. I really dig their stuff.

You can give Quiet One a listen below.

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