Discovery: Allegra Jordyn

Hailing from Toronto, Canada, Allegra Jordyn is an indie pop singer songwriter who has caught my attention through her beautiful new track Dreamstate.

By Graeme Smith

Feature Photo by Chris Grey

Allegra wrote Dreamstate after waking up from anaesthesia and in the track she channels that feeling of disorientation, while also speaking more deeply of her personal experiences with depression and dissociation. That comes strongly though the composition, but there is also something immensely familiar about it. Allegra’s vocals are wonderfully comforting – smooth and charismatic – and a soaring pop chorus will cover you like a warm blanket.

Aside from her personal experiences, Allegra draws inspiration from Scandi pop like Robyn and Sigrid, and fans of either artist will find a lot to love about Dreamstate. Taken from her forthcoming double EP of the same name, you can give it a listen below.

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