Discovery: Natalie Duncan

Though new to this blog, I remember Natalie Duncan well from my days back in Nottingham. She was one of the stars of the scene, and I was even fortunate enough to catch her live. She’s just released a new single via Goldie’s new label Fallen Tree 1Hundred. It’s called Hearts In A Cage.

By Graeme Smith

Hearts In A Cage is pop-tinged R&B, akin to the sound that took Arlo Parks to the Mercury Prize crown. Fans of Arlo will find a lot to love from Natalie’s sound. A bright and breezy instrumentals meets her soulful vocals and her deep and meaningful lyrics. Hearts In A Cage is a song that has everything.

Natalie is now based in London where she’s been teaming up with a number of musician friends for a new series of singles. I can’t wait to hear more. You can check out Hearts In A Cage below.