New Playlist: The 120

Just over a year ago, I pulled together a playlist on the 100 best tracks that we’ve shared here on York Calling. It was a difficult but ultimately rewarding experience to bring together so much great and diverse music, so I thought I’d do it again. Yet, this time around, 100 wasn’t enough.

By Graeme Smith

Feature photo: Saweetie and H.E.R.

The 120 is a new playlist that brings together 120 of the best tracks we’ve shared over the past year and a bit, featuring both familiar and new artists. Expect big names like Saweetie, Nerina Pallot and Michael Kiwanuka, alongside local heroes like Bull, Litany and Rachel Croft, all mixed in with a raft of under the radar artists you might be hearing for the first time.

You can check out the full playlist on Spotify or listen to it below.