Discovery: Scarlett Loran

Scarlett Loran is an indie folk singer songwriter based in Bath. Having released her debut single Shadow early last year, she took a bit of a breather before returning with an ethereal new one that’s caught my attention. It’s called Alibi.

By Graeme Smith

What struck me about Alibi was Scarlett’s storytelling lyrics. She paints a picture of love and pain with her words, all delivered with delicate and vulnerable vocals. The story is told to a backdrop of gentle instrumentals that build in complexity as the track progresses, finally reaching a dramatic climax.

Alibi was co-written by Scarlett and her producer Matt Rist. Scarlett is a rising star in the Bristol music scene and has plenty more live shows and singles planned for the rest of the year. She’s certainly one to watch.

You can check out Alibi below.